Fixing Your Sucky Website Step Three: The End Game

April 15, 2014

Here is our final look at fixing sucky websites. In Step One, we cleaned up the obvious stuff like broken links and old content. Step Two had us updating images and fixing navigational dead ends. But that was just window-dressing. Deep down you know when even your very pretty site is still Sucky. You also know that if you don’t do something, it may well be Doomed. Doomed, gentle friends, is expensive. Read the rest of this entry »


Fixing Your Sucky B2B Website Step Two: Be Less Disgusting

April 2, 2014

Last week we discussed how a sucky B2B website can make happy people sad and sad people drunk. My friend Aileen, who uses her website as a proxy for her failed marriage, is doing much better. She’s starting to shower again and is giving back to the community — mostly by donating her ex-husband’s books, hockey equipment, tools and Xbox to her church rummage sale.

We looked at how New York used little things, like cleaning off the walls, to spruce up a whole neighbourhoods,  Here is another thing that happens a lot in New York: people toss their gum on the sidewalk. I know that happens everywhere, but in New York, crews are out in the night steam cleaning the Juicy Fruit off the pavement. Read the rest of this entry »


Fixing Your Sucky B2B Website: Step One

March 27, 2014

My friend Aileen is breaking up with her husband Dan. It’s going the way such things usually do, and Aileen is self-medicating with a nice pinot noir when she isn’t building Dan-shaped snowmen to run over in her driveway. I called the other night to see if she needed help with the Tuesday Night Effigy Burning.

“Sure, but we have to do it in the park; the neighbours complained again”, she said. “Maybe I’ll just stay home and wallow instead”.

“I get it”, I offered. “A sad old movie and a good cry are just what you need.”

“Screw the movie”, Aileen said. “When I want to go to the dark places, I just look at our website and down I go.” Read the rest of this entry »


Is It a Beautiful Day in Your Brand’s Neighbourhood?

March 19, 2014

Walk out the door of any major urban hospital and you will soon find yourself among buildings full of physiotherapists, medical device suppliers, specialists’ offices, pharmacies, diagnostic imaging and, helpfully, malpractice lawyers. Welcome to the hospital suburbs.

Other businesses and industries have suburbs too. Spreading out from the centre of enterprise software and hardware suppliers are suburbs teeming with integrators, programmers, trainers, installers, power experts, designers, conferences and user groups.

Some suburbs are deliberate, like the ecosystems engineered by Apple or the Linux communities; others come about because the organizations at the centre either don’t want to provide the ancillary goods and services, or haven’t managed to figure out a way to do it profitably. A few have ceded the suburbs to outside suppliers as they go along. IBM is a good example of an organization that has created suburbs by stepping away from former territories in retail and consumer hardware. Read the rest of this entry »


Stop Talking Price, Start Talking Time

March 10, 2014

Every Wednesday, I rearrange the colour-coded pens and precisely aligned office accessories on my colleague’s desk. It’s a thing to look forward to.

I think it was Craig Jarrow at Time Management Ninja who said that the most important thing you do with your day is deciding what to do with your day. I believe that, which is why I spend the first few minutes of each busy day carefully budgeting my free time so that I can actually get stuff done.

I make sure I put aside a little bit of time each week for those tiny tasks such as doing my expenses, reading magazines or washing my coffee mug. Read the rest of this entry »


Stop Beating Your CSAT To Death

March 3, 2014

A while back we looked at how marketing shoves the Customer Abuse Department under the bus by setting unrealistic expectations nobody can possibly live up to.

Today I want to talk about another reason our customers may be finding our statements about their value a little dubious, and it’s time to blame Daddy. You remember Daddies, don’t you?

Daddies are the often-conflicting priorities of our internal structures. For example, one of my Daddies is managing to an operating budget. The Sales Squirrels to whom  I shovel customers have a Daddy called Stretch Targets. To hit their targets, they want more leads, to get them more leads, I will need to spend more budget than I have, which makes the Squirrels nuts, and there you have it. Read the rest of this entry »


12 Reasons Why Bill C-28 is Good News

February 24, 2014

After years of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, it’s time to step up and figure out what we can and can’t do with email, social and mobile interactions, now that Bill C-28 is on our doorsteps. Also known as Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation or CASL, this bundle of joy comes into effect on July 1st.

If you are just now realizing that you have no idea what this bill means, how the heck you’re going to comply and what to do next, cheer up.  You have four and a half months to work it out. Read the rest of this entry »


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