Hooked-hardcover July 27

Why Candy Crush is Eating Your Brain

I am worried that Candy Crush is eating our brains. I used to worry that email was eating our brains; now I’m pretty sure it’s that horrible game. My evidence is based on rudely peering at other people’s screens on the subway and the fact that 93-million fellow humans play it every day, driving about […]

Baby Mannequin Morgenstern's Hamilton July 06

Still Using Bad Photos? You Need the Other High-Res

Back in May we looked at (and mocked) the silly world of stock images, particularly for business marketers. Photos of sleek call centres, beautiful employees and cult-level enthusiasm are used over and over again by lazy marketers and agencies to break up text and create a home for alt tags. All of this despite the […]

The deflation of happy1 June 25

The Fish in the Barrel Don’t Like it When You Shoot

We marketers just love a captive audience, don’t we? We like them strapped into pressurized metal tubes at 35,000 feet with nothing to look at but a tiny screen or a drooling neighbor. We like them squished into subway cars, bouncing off each other in mosh pits or looking for a familiar taste far from […]

squirrel with waffle for blog June 01

The Thrill of Victory: What Marketers Can Learn from the Win Column

Were you successful in getting your hands on the win-loss report from sales? Don’t feel too bad about it; that sort of information is not something sales people share freely, especially the loss part of it. This week I want to talk about the importance of the good news bit of their report. Now we […]

No Parking Ever Sorry May 25

The Agony of Defeat: Why Lost Business Reporting Isn’t Helpful

Do you get the Win-Loss report? You really ought to get yourself on that list. If you don’t know the Win-Loss, it’s the document your friends in sales create each month or, sometimes, each quarter that lists all the business they’ve won, lost or are waiting to hear about. Sometimes it’s called the sales activity report. […]

9634903-Business-team-meeting-outside-the-airport-Stock-Photo May 11

What Did Your Brand Ever Do To Deserve Bad Photos?

Marketer #1: Hmmm. Time to update our corporate website again.  That swell webinar we went to said we should use more images on our web pages and printed materials because humans are beginning to lose the ability to read. Marketer #2: I know, let’s go get some stock photos to make our site appealing to […]

YYZ snowy cart April 27

Stop Letting Your Customers Talk to Strangers

Are you a self-starter with an eye for detail, a passion for great customer service and unresolved hostility issues? Have I got a job for you. In our final look at the miserable set of misaligned processes and emotionally empty engagements that pass for customer experience management, it’s time we define a customer communications function once […]


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