You need a new roof September 29

It’s Time to Kill Off Your Dreary Customer Reference Program

Gentle friends, we have spent a great deal of time over the years discussing the generally terrible way we approach almost everything to do with our customers. From the Customer Abuse departments to the save gates to Being Creepy  to the ineffective measurement of misery, we have generally come up lacking, both on the B2B and B2C […]

CNE Go Station September 14

Border Collies are Loyal; Customers are Satisfied

Here we are at the Loyalty phase of our Journey of Unreciprocated Love. This is the Unreciprocated Love part. Last week we talked about why we need to focus on the very end of the race, lest we be dazzled by the finish line and pipped by a competitor. Let’s imagine we managed to get […]

Kmart_School_Supplies September 08

Getting Commitment Requires Primal Selling and Quiet Marketers

  There is a video making the rounds lately of a runner who, finding himself well out in front in the final bit of the race, decides to ham it up a little with the crowd and, you guessed it, fails to notice the competitor who sneaks up and crosses the finish line first. If […]

Abandoned building palermo August 31

Preference and Its Pylons

Marketers can sure get in our own ways when we try to create preference. We clap on and on about our great customer service and low prices but we don’t always remember to mention the problem we are solving. Our prospect, on the other hand, never forgets the problem they need solved. Too often we celebrate […]

the password is August 24

Awareness Plus Fatigue Does Not Equal Consideration

Consider this: most people don’t give a sh*t about whatever it is you are trying to sell.  They just don’t. There is only so much room in any given brain to give a sh*t about stuff, and you’re up against stuff like Game of Thrones, videos of Russian car accidents and, for B2B,  dialing into conference calls […]

Genoa Intimate Hygene August 10

Brand Loyalty Begins with Giving a Sh*t

Many marketers waste their time and money trying to force-feed awareness of their brand or product. A far better approach is to build something the right people will care about. As it did for Zappos and Starbucks, awareness will follow.

wig shop vancouver August 04

Sometimes Marketing Should Whisper

I don’t know about you, but I’m about hoarse from all the yelling I’ve been doing lately. What with radio, OOH and a bunch of SEM stuff, I’ve been screaming for quite a few weeks now. No complaints: the leads are coming in, but sometimes marketing can be just as effective when we don’ t interrupt […]


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