Abandoned building palermo August 31

Preference and Its Pylons

Marketers can sure get in our own ways when we try to create preference. We clap on and on about our great customer service and low prices but we don’t always remember to mention the problem we are solving. Our prospect, on the other hand, never forgets the problem they need solved. Too often we celebrate […]

the password is August 24

Awareness Plus Fatigue Does Not Equal Consideration

Consider this: most people don’t give a sh*t about whatever it is you are trying to sell.  They just don’t. There is only so much room in any given brain to give a sh*t about stuff, and you’re up against stuff like Game of Thrones, videos of Russian car accidents and, for B2B,  dialing into conference calls […]

Genoa Intimate Hygene August 10

Brand Loyalty Begins with Giving a Sh*t

Many marketers waste their time and money trying to force-feed awareness of their brand or product. A far better approach is to build something the right people will care about. As it did for Zappos and Starbucks, awareness will follow.

wig shop vancouver August 04

Sometimes Marketing Should Whisper

I don’t know about you, but I’m about hoarse from all the yelling I’ve been doing lately. What with radio, OOH and a bunch of SEM stuff, I’ve been screaming for quite a few weeks now. No complaints: the leads are coming in, but sometimes marketing can be just as effective when we don’ t interrupt […]

Hooked-hardcover July 27

Why Candy Crush is Eating Your Brain

I am worried that Candy Crush is eating our brains. I used to worry that email was eating our brains; now I’m pretty sure it’s that horrible game. My evidence is based on rudely peering at other people’s screens on the subway and the fact that 93-million fellow humans play it every day, driving about […]

Baby Mannequin Morgenstern's Hamilton July 06

Still Using Bad Photos? You Need the Other High-Res

Back in May we looked at (and mocked) the silly world of stock images, particularly for business marketers. Photos of sleek call centres, beautiful employees and cult-level enthusiasm are used over and over again by lazy marketers and agencies to break up text and create a home for alt tags. All of this despite the […]

The deflation of happy1 June 25

The Fish in the Barrel Don’t Like it When You Shoot

We marketers just love a captive audience, don’t we? We like them strapped into pressurized metal tubes at 35,000 feet with nothing to look at but a tiny screen or a drooling neighbor. We like them squished into subway cars, bouncing off each other in mosh pits or looking for a familiar taste far from […]


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