Balloons and Ceiling Fans- bad mix March 23

Why Marketing Needs to Fix the Customer Experience

We’ve spent the past two weeks feeling sad about the state of customer experience management (CEM), so it’s time to lighten up a little and talk about why marketers should care. Last week we saw the clear relationship between good CEM and good corporate performance.  We can chalk up at least a bit of this […]

Admit One March 16

Three Reasons Customer Experience Management Fails – Part II

Last week we looked at Customer Experience management (CEM) and the three reasons I think we’re doing it wrong. Reason #1 was forgetting that at the beginning, middle and end of all customer experiences is emotion. Reason #2: We focus on the problem I think car dealers have figured this one out. Most , Many  […]

Archway in Italy March 11

Three Reasons Customer Experience Management Fails

If you have nothing better to do sometime, pour a nice glass of wine and curl up with Arizona State’s Rage Study . The most recent edition is from 2013 and it tells us that almost $76-billion in revenue is at risk thanks to “extremely” and “very” upset US households who called to complain about […]

Garage Across the Street Up Close March 03

Only You Can Prevent Feature Puke

If you want to have fun at an otherwise dull wedding or corporate event, try to sit next to a professional event planner. When they aren’t trying to plan their own events, they can be found sitting in the back of other people’s events dishing out the catty remarks that make the back row so […]

spin cover February 23

To Everything Spin, Spin, Spin

I very much doubt there is a marketer in North America who has not attended a presentation by someone who worked on the first Obama campaign. To be sure, it is a compelling case study and a warm tale of the power of message over whatever that was the McCain campaign was doing. I think […]

Patrician Grill King Street February 17

Why We Need to Shut Up and Let Our Customers Buy Something

There are a few statistics that are used to torment marketers.  We’ve all had some chief something or other office sneer that 50 percent of advertising is wasted. We’ve all had that business of how much more it costs to acquire a customer than to retain one and, since June of 2012, we’ve been dealing […]

Derailed in Uxbridge 1 February 11

Conversations Matter

Oh dear, poor Radio Shack has bought the farm. To be honest, I thought they’d gone to Retail Heaven years ago, but apparently they struggled on far longer than I would have thought likely. Smarter people than me are going to analyze this one to bits, and I don’t doubt there are dozens of reasons […]


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