Hammers at Lee Valley November 24

Your Customers Are Way More Efficient Than You Are

I just love sitting in the quiet zone on the train. No marimba ringtones, screaming babies are but a distant menace and nobody feels the need to talk to me about hockey.  Imagine my disappointment last week when I jumped on a crowded train and had to sit in the noisy bit. The sole comfort […]

Meaningful Cover November 17

Why Meaning Matters More than Noise

“When everything you do is framed by the question ‘is this product or service worthy of my customer and why?’ it changes everything.” If you know Bernadette Jiwa, this line will feel familiar; if you don’t know Jiwa and her work around helping brands tell their stories, this book is a great place to check […]

Stainless November 10

Stop Apologizing, Start Measuring

There are a thousand reasons to be happy you don’t work for Volkswagen just now. One of them is getting to avoid being part of the orchestra accompanying its Dance Apologetic over the emissions software thing. And boy are they dancing in Wolfsburg this week. Customers are about to get gift cards and a big […]

Old Coop Stouffville November 02

Lend a Hand or Shut Your Facebook

Darius has a cool job. He’s the marketing manager for a rapidly growing logistics company that serves the food industry. Since he joined two years ago, Darius has updated all the collateral, made some nifty sales tools, cleaned up the web site and put the company on the map with its own Facebook page and […]

Retire Graffiti in Ux October 26

Is Your Competition Making Stuff Up? Good.

Is there anything prettier than a well-merchandised display of bed and bath linens?  I mean, what can beat the crisp, pretty sheets in their perfect little packages arranged by designer, colour, size and thread count. It’s all about potential. For just a few minutes you can imagine that your bedroom will look like something in […]

Unselling orange October 19

Funnels, crazies and Jedis — you can’t UnRead this book

It’s a little bit weird to be sitting on a plane, reading a rant about the airline that is, at that moment, scooting you home. I quite enjoyed my Air Canada experience that night. Scott Stratten, not so much. He is mad at Air Canada. He is also mad at the following: Zellers (RIP), Best […]

Prince Albert Store sign October 14

Why Your Contact Page is Terrible

Last week we lamented the deplorable state of most About Us pages. This week, it’s time to pick on everyone’s least favourite page, Contact Us. Marketers, pay attention here: I know you went and found that swell stock photo of tin cans and string. I know you came up with the perky “We’d love to […]


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